Bible College Startup - Complete Solution

We provide everything you need to start a successful, fully accredited, degree granting Bible College

State licensing

Starting a Bible College has legal implications. Let our team of experienced attorneys establish your Bible College on solid legal foundations.

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Starting a Bible College is a complex process. Our experienced team of attorneys has developed a unique, consultative approach designed to

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High quality curriculum

Having a high quality curriculum is a requirement for starting a Bible College. Whether you are starting a Bible College or you are looking to enhance

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Marketing your Bible College

Attracting students is one of the biggest challenges of starting a Bible College, which is why you need to have an effective marketing plan. Let us pu

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World-class LMS

Do you want to recruit students worldwide? Over 2 billions people worldwide have access to the Internet. Start an online Bible College today, and

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College Management System

Our complete Bible College start-up solution includes an eCollege Management System ( eCMS). eCMS is an advanced all-in-one college management system

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Start Your Bible College Today!

"Then he (Paul) held daily discussions at the lecture hall of Tyrannus. This went on for the next two years, so that people throughout the province of Asia— both Jews and Greeks—heard the word of the Lord" (Acts 19:9 -10).


Accreditation is important, if not essential to the success of your Bible College or Seminary. Let our experience team help you establish your Bible College. We will make sure your school achieves full accreditation with the accrediting organization of your choice.

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We have made starting a Bible College as easy as following a few steps. We even guide you through your school's first graduation ceremony, and help you design diplomas, find graduation regalia, and put together the graduation program.

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InteractiveLMS is a an integrated audio/ video/ VoIP system that allows you to interact live with students over the Internet. Now you can teach live to hundreds around the globe live over the Internet.          

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